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The Old Steam Navy
Images of the US Navy in the late 1800s
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The photographs in these pages were found in a book about Admiral Dewey, the Battle of Manila Bay and the Philippine Campaign: Life and Heroic Deeds of Admiral Dewey including Battles in the Philippines (Globe Bible Publishing Co., Philadelphia, 1899). Some of the pictures seem to predate the Spanish-American War, though. The images of the common sailors and shipboard scenes give a fascinating glimpse of what life in the navy was like 100 years, and more, ago, and also put a human face on history.
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The Men
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Sailors on a United States warship awaiting orders to go aloft
Firing a pivot gun on board a man-of war
On board the cruiser Boston
Sailors making clothing on board a man-of-war
Sighting a Hotchkiss revolving gun
Single stick exercise
Training a 15-inch gun
Group of oldest bluejackets
Cadets on a schoolship studying
Jackies awaiting their turn in the barber shop on board a man-of-war
A Group of the Olympia's Crew
Spinning yarns on shipboard
Sighting a six-pounder on the upper works of the Oregon
A gun crew ready for action
Sparring match for teaching the use of the sword
Writing home an account of the first cruise
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The Brass
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Captain Coughlin
Captain C. V. Gridley
Captain Lamberton
Admiral George Dewey
Admiral Dewey at the Battle of Manila
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The Ships
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The “Boston”
United States cruiser Olympia
United States Gunboat Petrel
US cruiser Baltimore
United States gunboat Concord
United States training ship (Probably USS New Hampshire, ex-USS Alabama)
US battleship Oregon

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