A baby square rigger at play. She's a large-scale model of the 20 gun sloop HMS Barbados.
More of the baby square rigger, which was designed and built by Wayne Tedder and Archie Milloy (that's Wayne at the helm). This is the second of four replicas of the Barbados they've built.
The Giant Pelican Trinket at the PT port dock launch ramp.
Jamie Orr's Chebacco Boat Wayward Lass.
More of Wayward Lass.
Even more of Wayward Lass.
My Footloose skiff Pickle (left) at the PT port dock launch ramp.
Truancy, a Phil Bolger designed Maine style sloop (Fancy?).
More of Truancy.

A collection of Bolger Boat nuts who washed up on the beach in Port Townsend.
The Ian Oughtred Caledonia Yawl Caledonia.
A very Dutch looking craft.
An interesting big dory with a Chinese Junk rig.
The junk-rigged dory under sail.
More of the junk-rigged dory under sail.
Even more of the junk-rigged dory under sail.
Pickle when I snuck her into the Festival.
A nice little spritsail rigged boat.

The 1889 tug Arthur Foss, nee Wallowa.
The Arthur Foss' towing engine.
The 1934, 700 hp Washington diesel in the Arthur Foss.
The Giant Pelican Trinket under sail.
More of Trinket under sail.
More of The Ian Oughtred Caledonia Yawl Caledonia.
The 1944 Miki tug Dominion, nee LT-366.
Gallant Girl, an interesting double-ender found at the boat basin.
More of Gallant Girl.
A Pelican under sail.
Some schooners at the windless start of the schooner race Saturday.
The eco-expedition boat Westward, built at Seattle in 1924.

It was sunny and windy Friday, a shot of Point Hudson marina.
Gloomier and calmer Saturday, more of Point Hudson marina, where the festival is centered.
More of the Point Hudson marina.
Heather, a curious little motorsailer designed and built by Tim Nolen of Port Townsend.
More of Heather.
The 1929 New York built gold-plater Olympus.
A "point boat," so named because they were rented at Point No Point, Point Defiance, etc.
A nice Friendship style sloop.
The halibut schooner Yakutat, built at Seattle in 1913.

An atmospheric shot of a sloop in the anchorage off downtown.
Bounty of Krister, a Vashon Island based reconstruction of HMS Bounty's launch.
Sternsheets detail of an Outward Bound pulling boat, apparently a reconstruction of one of HMS Discovery's boats.
Dorion, a 1904 Lifesaving Service surfboat converted to a yacht long ago.
The future junk-rigged schooner Grail Dancer, a 1:1 scale model of the smack Emma C. Berry.
James McMullen (left) and his Ian Oughtred 13' 6" MacGregor sailing canoe.
A Shetland Sixareen leaving its berth, get a load of the "scandalized" lugsails! That's another Sixareen on the left.

The Schooner Alcyone and a bunch of other boats "parading" Sunday.
A better shot of the 12" = 1 foot model Grail Dancer.
The Spray replica Joshua.
The brig Lady Washington.
More of the Lady Washington.
Even more of the Lady Washington.
A gaggle of boats off the entrance to the Point Hudson marina.
More of the halibut schooner Yakutat.
Even more of the halibut schooner Yakutat.

The Schooner Alcyone docked at the Point Hudson Marina.
More of the reconstruction of HMS Bounty's launch.
Even more of the reconstruction of HMS Bounty's launch.
A Bristol Bay gillnet boat owned by the Center for Wooden Boats.
A shot of "big boat row" in the Point Hudson Marina.
Another shot of "big boat row".
Yet another shot of "big boat row".

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