John's Snapshots from the 2003 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

The Canadian Contingent (John Ewing, Jamie Orr & Chris bennett) arrive in Wayward Lass.
This lapstrake dinghy is from Oregon.
The Concordia Sloop Boat Feather is...
Owned by Alan Woodbury and his brother.
A classy old motoryacht.
The cutter Bryony was launched at Port Townsend in 1983.
A quarter view of Bryony.
The melonseed skiff American.
More of the American.
This Suquamish dugout canoe...
Was carved by Ed Carrier.
This giant inflatable has some wood in it, I guess.
Grace B is a Crotch Island pinky owned by local boatbuilder Ernie Baird.
A nice outrigger sailing canoe.
A Kingston lobster boat built from a design found in Chapelle.
A nice knuckle-sided dory.
The Canadian schooner Passing Cloud.
A 1917 Old Town...
Outboard power canoe...
With an Evinrude engine.
A little outboard boat with an old Johnson.
This Poulsbo boat is...
Powered by a 1964 Briggs & Stratton.
The Poulsbo boat Grønn Båten.
The Poulsbo boat Gratis...
Sports a neat aft cabin.
A Poulsbo boat...
Powered by steam.
The steam launch Rainbow.
Rainbow's powerplant.
The steam launch Vital Spark.
More of Vital Spark.
Vital Spark is equipped for making tea.
The motor cruiser Loon is a...
Modified William Atkin Bamaling.
A beautiful old motoryacht.
The dugout canoe Snookwis is sheathed in copper.
The bugeye Morning Star was launched at Seattle in 1963.
The staysail schooner Rejoice is the Bellingham Sea Scouts' ship.
The schooner W. N. Ragland belongs to singer Neil Young.
The schooner Alcyone was launched by Frank Prothero at Seattle in 1956.
More of Alcyone.
Even more of Alcyone.
The jib-headed schooner Passing Cloud.
The topsail schooner Lynx was inspired by War of 1812 era American privateers.
Lynx passed us so closely we could almost reach out and touch her.
Sunday morning Lynx and...
Lady Washington were taking potshots at each other.
More of Lynx.
Lynx looks like she's going 20 knots even when she's standing still.
The sloop boat Feather.
More of Feather.
A racy rowboat.
The 1913 schooner Adventuress and the Lady Washington.
The schooner Lavengro was launched at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1926.
The converted USN whaleboat Fellowship hails from Mystery Bay, on Marrowstone Island.
This schooner hails from Nanaimo, BC.
The aluminum micro-cruiser Boojum was built in New Zealand in 2002.
The motoryacht Drifter.
A Canadian motoryacht.
The Canadian motoryacht had a nice tender.
The motoryacht Gypsy is a 1947 Shain.
More of Gypsy.
Even more of Gypsy.
A nice motorboat.
Messenger III was built in the early 50's to bring religious services to west coast of Vancouver Island
This little fantail steamboat is from Oregon.
More of the Oregon steamer.
The fantail steamer and Adventuress.
The big yawl Odyssey is the Tacoma Sea Scouts' ship.
More of Odyssey.
More of Alcyone.
© John Kohnen, 2003. Commercial use of these pictures without permission prohibited. Please give me credit if you use these photos noncommercially.