John's Snapshots from the 2004 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

A southeast gale blew in Friday afternoon, making it rough for the boats anchored out.
You don't see waves like this at PT except during a southeaster.
Virginia V, Lady Washington & Caleb Haley ride out the storm at an exposed wharf.
The 1928 fish packer Caleb Haley goes looking for a more comfortable spot.
Say, isn't that little sloop closer than it was a few minutes ago?
Sure enough, here she comes...
Luckily dodging destruction and hitting the soft beach.
This V-bottom double-ender looks like it jumped out of a Pete Culler book.
As usual, there was a good turnout of big boats.
Dan Meagher's 26' jet-drive Bartender Grain o' Sand.
More of Grain o' Sand.
Even more of Grain o' Sand.
The 26' Bartender Rainy Day was built by Bill Childs at Lincoln City in 2000.
The Skiff America Sacagawea came up from California.
Petunia is a 1969 Crosby catboat.
The X Dory Chesuki was designed by C. D. Mower in 1915.
The Autocanoe is a home grown Port Townsend contraption.
The runabout Swe' Pea started life as a Jet 14 sailing dinghy.
Some pretty girls enjoying a Bolger Cartopper.
Detail of Matt McCleary's Atkin Little Maid of Kent Ceridwen.
If I'm not mistaken, this Drascombe made a voyage along the Pacific coast not long ago.
Some of the crew of the schooner Alcyone.
A cute little plywood runabout.
Look at all the fancy wood and varnish on the catboat Swift!
More of Swift.
Red Star looks like a Mackinaw boat from Nelson Zimmer plans.
More of Red Star.
The replica 18th century ship's boat Discovery.
Details of a couple replica ship's boats.
The Mower X-Dory Chesuki.
The other side of Chesuki.
Bella Darya is the world's first wood-structured rigid-inflatable cruising sailboat.
The Atkin schooner Ceridwen and Kia Ora.
The schooner Kia Ora is built of ferro-cement, based on a Francis Herreshoff design.
The Canadian schooner Favourite was designed by Frank Fredette, who was inspired by an old sealing schooner.
The cutter Nellie Juan was built by Ray Speck and launched in 1994.
The Mackinaw boat Red Star.
The low-powered runabout Swe' Pea at the launch ramp Sunday.
The sloop that blew ashore Friday afternoon being dug out Sunday.
Fellowship is a converted USN whaleboat or surfboat.
The fish packer Caleb Haley.
The steamboat Virginia V was built in 1922.
The St. Pierre dory Arrow is powered by a Sabb diesel.
The ketch Touchstone is a Phil Rhodes design launched in 1976.
More of Touchstone
Anybody know anything about this Buck Rogers spaceship?
Sande is a former rental fishing boat.
The motoryacht Sea Puss is an interesting vessel.
Another shot of Sea Puss.
I went out to meet the 1913 B. B. Crowninshield designed schooner Adventuress as she arrived from somewhere.
Adventuress again.
Adventuress sure is photogenic.
The 1932 Maine-built staysail schooner Barlovento and Adventuress.
The 1942 USN 35' captain's gig Jack Ballard.
Jack Ballard is being restored by Bill Dunaway.
More of Jack Ballard.
The catboat Jean Alden and Jack Ballard.
Jean Alden is a stretched Bolger Bobcat.
Feather is a Pete Culler designed Concordia Sloop Boat.
Feather and Adventuress.
Feather and Lady Washington.
The brig Lady Washington.
Caine is a Concordia-built Beetle Cat.
The catboat Swift.
A nice little sloop.
Another shot of that sloop.
Vito Dumas was launched at Buenos Aires in 1933.
The Sea Scout ship Odyssey was built by the Nevins yard at City Island, NY in 1938.
I don't know anything about this Marconi-rigged schooner.
The cutter Silva Bans was inspired by an 1840 British boat.
Silva Bans and Virginia V.
Virginia V is the only surviving steamboat from the from the "mosquito fleet" that once served the NW.
Another shot of Virginia V
The schooner Ceridwen.
More of Ceridwen.
Even more of Ceridwen.
The cutter Bryony was built by the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding.
The Gulf Coast schooner Lavengro and Bryony.
Lavengro was launched in 1926 at Biloxi, Miss.
The Canadian schooner Nevermore is a stretched H. I. Chapelle Little Cod.
The sloop Truant was built by the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding.
More of Truant.
Snookwis is an Indian dugout canoe rebuilt by BC artist Godfrey Stephens and now sailed by his daughter, Tilikum.
The hull of Snookwis is entirely sheathed with copper.
Your photographer hard at work (taken by Charley Vader from the Jack Ballard).
© John Kohnen, 2004. Commercial use of these pictures without permission prohibited. Please give me credit if you use these photos noncommercially.