Beg List

June 16

Can anyone tell me something about the following titles? Some are from the Nautical Fiction List, but lack descriptions or have inadequate ones, others are waiting for a description so they can go into the list, they may not even be nautical or fiction. I try hard not to put anything into the list without a description of some sort, though of course I'm quite imperfect in that regard. Send replies to:


Aamsay, Mark
     Greek Fire

Adams, Eustace Lane 1891-
     Across the Top of the World, 1931
     Doomed Demons, 1935
     Wings of the Navy, 1936
     War Wings, 1937

Amado, Jorge
     Los Viejos Marineros (Old Sailors)

Armstrong, Richard
     The Whinstone Drift, 1951
     Passage home, a novel, 1952
     Cold hazard, 1955
     Danger rock, 1955
     The lost ship; a Caribbean adventure, 1956
     No time for tankers, 1958
     The lame duck, 1959
     Sailor's luck, a novel, 1959
     Ship afire! A story of adventure at sea, 1959
     Horseshoe reef; a story for boys, 1960
     Out of the shallows; a story for boys, 1961
     Island odyssey, 1962
     Trial trip, a story for boys, 1962
     Fight for freedom, 1963
     The secret sea, 1966
     The mutineers, 1968

Avery, Kay, 1915-
     Saltwater Sam, 1962

Bailey, Ralph Edger
     From the Sea and Jungle
     Deep Six
     Siren Song
     Fighting Sailor
     Sea Hawks of Empire

Baldwin, Bates
     Tide of Empire

Ball, Zachary
     Pull down to New Orleans, 1946
     Piney, 1950
     Keel Boat Journey, 1958

Banks, Polan
     Black Ivory

Barrett, Andrea
     Ship Fever and Other Stories, 1996
     The Voyage of the Narwhal, 1998

Barrol, Clare
     Iron Crown

Bartimeus - pseudonym
     The Long Trick, 1917

Bassett, James E.
     The Sky Suspended, 1968

Bassett, Sara Ware
     Flood tide, 1921

Beach, Rex Ellingwood, 1877-
     The world in his arms, 1946

Beater, J. & Roberts
     Sea Avenger

Benchley, Nathaniel, 1915-
     The Wake of the Icarus, 1969

Bennett, Jack, 1934-
  Mister Fisherman, 1964

Bivona, Francesco
     The captain's wife : stories, 1984

Blaine, John
     100 Fathoms Under, 1947
     Sea gold, 1947
     The Phantom Shark, 1949
     Smugglers' Reef, 1950
     The Wailing Octopus, 1956

Boorthwick, J. S.
     Bodies of Water

Boyd, James

Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1861-
     Under tops'ls and tents, 1901
     In the Wasp's nests, the story of a sea waif in the war of 1812, 1902
     Woven with the ship, a novel of 1865, 1902 (Civil War)
     In the war with Mexico, a midshipman's adventures on ship and shore, 1903
     The two captains; a romance of Bonaparte and Nelson, 1905
     The blue ocean's daughter, 1907
     The island of regeneration, a story of what ought to be, 1909
     On the old Kearsarge, a story of the civil war, 1909
     Bob Dashaway, privateersman, 1911
     Bob Dashaway, treasure hunter, 1912
     Bob Dashaway in the frozen seas, 1913
     The island of the stairs; being a true account of certain strange and
       wonderful adventures of Master John Hampdon, seaman, 1913
     Waif-o-the-sea; a romance of the great deep, 1918

Bray, Donald
     Between Two Shores, 1982

Brent, Rafer, ed.
     Great sea stories, 1957

Breslin, Howard
     Shad Run, 1955

Broadhurst, Thomas William, 1857-
     Blow the Man Down, 1929

Brockway, Fenner 1888-
     Red Liner; a novel in TV form, 1962

Brookes, Ewart, 1901-
     Rescue tug; the story of the Flying Enterprise and the salvage tug
       Turmoil, 1956 (Turmoil)
     The glass years, 1957

Bullen, Frank T. 1857-1915
     A Whaleman's wife, 1902
     A Son of the Sea, 1905?

Burman, Ben Lucien, 1895-
     Steamboat round the bend, 1933
     Blow for a landing, 1938
     Children of Noah, 1951

Burns, Walter Noble 1872-1932
     A Year with a Whaler, 1913  (Whaling in Alaska from San Francisco.

Burton, Hester.
     Riders of the Storm, 1972

Busbee, James Jr.
     Yankee Mariner

Cable, George Washington
     Gideon's Band, 1914

Caidin, Martin, 1927-
     Hydrospace, 1964

Cameron, J. D.
     Omega Sub Series: (USS Liberator, a USN SSN survives a nuclear war, and
       the crew spends its efforts trying to rebuild the world.)
         Omega Sub: Death Dive [5], 1992

Carse, Robert, 1903-
     Deep six, 1946
     From the sea and the jungle, 1951
     Great venture, 1952
     Sow the wild wind, 1954
     The Winner, 1955
     The Devil's spawn, 1956
     Great Circle, 1956
     Hold back the sun, 1956
     The fabulous buccaneer, 1957 (Alexander Selkirk)
     Winter of the whale, 1961
     Glory haul, 1962
     Hudson River hayride, 1962
     Turnabout, 1962
     Go away home, 1964
     Fire in the night, 1965

Carter, John Stewart, 1911-
     Full fathom five, 1965

Cassill R. V.

Castlemon, Henry 1842-1915
     Frank Nelson in the Forecastle, or, the Sportsman's Club among the
       Whalers, 1876

Catherall, Arthur, 1906-
     Coral Reef Castaway, 1958
     Barrier Reef Bandits, 1960

Catto, Max 1909-
     Green waters, 1937
     River junk, 1937
     Fire down below, 1954
     Gold in the sky, 1956
     Ferry to Hongkong, 1957
     D-day in paradise, 1963
     The banana men, 1967

Chamier, Frederick 1796-1870 (Captain, RN)
     The Mystery Man (alt. title??? The Unfortunate Man), 1835
     Arethusa, A Naval Story, 1837
     Walsingham, The Gamester, 1837
     The Spitfire, A Nautical Romance, 1840
     Tom Bowling - A Tale of the Sea, 1841?
     Perils of Beauty, 1843
     Count Konigsmark: A Historical Romance, 1845
     The Life of A Sailor, 1873

Chidsey, Donald B. 1902-
     Edge of Piracy, 1964
     Captain Bashful
     Lord of The Isles
     This Bright Sword
     Buccaneer's Blade,
     Captain Crossbones
     The Iron Cavalier

Clagett, John
     Captain Whitecap, 1955
     Jack Darby, able seaman, 1963
     Surprise Attack

Clark, Halsey (Ian Mc Mahan?)
     Periscope series:
       Deepwater Showdown
       Depth of Danger
       Grand Finale

Cobb, James H.$$
     Choosers of the Slain, 1996
     Sea Strike, 1997

Cochran, Hamilton
     Windward Passage

Collenette, Eric J.
     Atlantic encounter : a novel of World War Two at sea, 1987
     Secret of the Kara sea, 1987 (WW II. A Ben Grant adventure.)
     Eye of the eagle, 1988 (WW II)
     Korean Raid

Collingwood, Harry (William Joseph Cosen Lancaster)
     The Congo Rovers, 1886
     The Voyage of the Aurora, 1887
     The Rover'S Secret: A tale of the pirate cays and lagoons of Cuba, 1888
     The Secret of the Sands, 1888
     The Missing Merchantman, 1889
     Under the Meteor Flag; The log of a midshipman during the French
       revolutionary war, 188?
     The Pirate Island: A story of the Southern Pacific, 1890

Cooper, Jefferson
     Captain Seadog

Corbett, Scott
     Midshipman cruise, 1957
     Tree House Island, 1959
     Dead man's light, 1960
     Cutlass Island, 1962

Cottrell, Dorothy 1902-1957
     The Singing Gold, 1929

Couch, Dick, 1943-
     Pressure point, 1993

Coulter, Stephen, 1913-
     Offshore, 1965

Couzzens, James Gould

Craig, Philip R., 1933- (Are these mysteries set on Martha's Vineyard nautical?)
     The woman who walked into the sea, 1991
     The double minded men, 1992
     Cliff hanger, 1993
     Off season, 1994
     A case of vineyard poison, 1995

Crume, Vic
     Dr. Syn
     The Revenge of Dr. Syn
     The Return of Dr. Syn

Currey, Commander Edward Hamilton
     Ian Hardy Fighting the Moors, 1917

Curteis , Ian
     The Falklands Play, 1987

Cussler, Clive ("bestsellers")
     The Mediterranean Caper, 1977

David, Evan John
     As Runs the Glass

Davidson, Halsey
     Navy Boys adventures

Davies, Hugh Sykes, 1909-
     Full fathom five, 1956

Dawson, Michael
     Fathoms Deep, 1943

Defoe, Daniel 1661?-1731
     The Four Voyages of Capt. George Roberts, 1726

Delderfield, R. L.
     Prequel to Treasure Island?

Dickens, Charles
     Captain Murderer

Dietz, Lew, 1906-
     Full fathom five, 1958

Dillon, Eilis, 1920-
     The San Sebastian, 1953
     The house on the shore, 1955
     The Island of Horses, 1956
     The sea wall, 1965

Dingle, Captain Aylward Edward (Sinbad) 1874-
     Gold Out of Celebes, 1920
     Wide Waters, 1924
     Fathomless, 1927
     The Flying Kestrel, 1927
     Seaworthy, 1930
     Tares, 1930
     Salt of the Sea, Red Saunders, 1934
     Sinister Eden, 1934
     Pipe All Hands!, 1935
     Spin a Yarn, Sailor, 1935
     Sinbad's Book of Pirates, 1936
     Pirates May Fly, 1943

Dixon, Franklin W.
     The Submarine Caper, 1981  (Republished as Deadly Chase in 1986)

Dorling, Henry T. (Taffrail):
     The Sub, 1917
     Oh Joshua, 1920
     Michael bray, 1925
     Shipmates, 1929
     The Lonely Bungalow, 1931
     The man from Scapa Flow, 1933
     Mystery at Milford Haven, 1936
     The Shetland Plan, 1939

Douglass, Keith
     Carrier series:
       Viper Strike [2]
       Armageddon Mode [3]
       Flame-Out [4]
       Maelstrom [5]
       Countdown [6]
     Seal Team Seven series:
       Seal Team Seven [1]
       Specter [2]

Dowling, Sherwood$$
     The Cruise of the Gray Whale, 1914 [1]
     Gray Whale Warship, 1914
     Gray Whale Flagship, 1915
     Gray Whale Derelict, 1915

Dunnett, Dorothy
     King Hereafter

Durham, Lieutenant Commander Victor G. (Pseudonym)
     The Submarine Boys' Trail Trip; or,"Making good" as Young Experts, 1909
     The Submarine Boys and the Middies; Or, The Prize Detail at
       Annapolis, 1909
     The Submarine Boys and the Spies; Or, Dodging the Sharks of the
       Deep, 1910
     The Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise; Or, The Young Kings of the
       Deep, 1910
     The Submarine Boys For the Flag; Or, Deeding Their Lives to Uncle
       Sam, 1910
     The Submarine Boys and the Smugglers; Or, Breaking Up the New Jersey
       Customs Frauds, 1912
     The Submarine Boys' Secret Mission; or, Beating an Ambassador's Game,

Eaton, Evelyn Sybil Mary, 1902-
     The sea is so wide, 1943
     Quietly my captain waits, 1940

Eccles, Frank 1923-
     Waiting for Alec

Eyster, Warren
     Far From Customary Skies, 1953 (WW II destroyer.)

Farnol, Jeffery 1878-1952
     Black Bartlemy's Treasure, 1920
     Martin Conisby's Vengeance, 1921

Finger, Charles
     Cape Horn Snorter

Fleischman, Albert Sidney, 1920-
     Blood Alley?

Footner, Hulbert, 1879-
     Dangerous cargo, 1934

Forbes, Esther
     The Running of the Tide

Forrester, Larry
     Diamond Beach, 1973

Foster, Walter Bertram, 1869-
     The lost galleon of Doubloon Island, 1901
     In Alaskan waters, 1903
     The lost expedition, 1905
     The quest of the Silver Swan; a land and sea tale for boys, 1907
     From Sea to Sea
     The Frozen Ship
     The Ocean Express

Foy, George
     Asia Rip, 1984

Foulds, Elfrida Vipont (Brown), 1902-
     Blow the Man Down, 1952

Fowler, Connie
     River of Hidden Dreams

Frankland, Edward
     the Long Swords

French, Peter 1918-
     The Southern Cross, 1958

Gant, Norman

Garfield, Leon
     Devil in the Fog, 1966
     The God Beneath the Sea, 1971

Garner, Hugh, 1913-
     The silence on the shore, 1962

Gerard, Charles
     Illinois River Hokeypokey, 1969? (Fun Riverboating novel.)

Gerson, Noel Bertram, 1914-
     When the Wind Blows, by Leon Phillips, 1956
     The River Devils, 1969
     Island in the Wind, 1971
     The Smugglers, 1977
     Port Royal
     The Yankee From Tennessee

Gidley, Charles.
     The River Running By, 1981
     Armada: the novel, 1987


Glascock, William Nugent, Captain RN, 1787?-1847
     Sailors and Saints, or Matrimonial Manoeuvres, 1829
     Tales of a Tar, with Characteristic Anecdotes, 1836
     Land Sharks and Sea Gulls, 1838

     Return to Treasure Island

Gordon, Arthur
     Sea Devil

Graham, Winston
     The Wreck of the Grey Cat, 1958

Gray, Edwyn.
     Crash dive 500, 1981
     Diving stations, 1980

Greenfield, Irving A.
     Barracuda, 1978
     Tagget, 1979

Gregory, Janet
     The Tides of Destiny

Hackforth-Jones, Gilbert, 1900-
     Rough passage, a novel, 194?
     I am the captain, a novel, 1963
     One man's wars, a novel, 1964
     Yellow peril, 1972
     Chinese Poison

Haislip, Harvey
     The Long Watch

Hamilton, Donald 1916-
     Mona Passage

Hardy, William M.
     Submarine Wolfpack, 1961
     The Ship they Call the Fat Lady, 1969

Harrison, Payne
     Storming Intrepid, 1989

Hartog, Jan de 1914-
     The Artist, 1963
       This Time Tomorrow, 1946
       Skipper Next To God, 1947
       William And Mary, 19635

Haywood, C.
     No Ship May Sail

Heatter, Basil 1918-
     The Better Part of Valor, 1964
     Act of Violence, 1954
     The Captain's Lady, 1950

Heffernan, John Paul
     Captive Captain

Hendry, F. C.
     Land and Sea

Henrick, Richard P.
     Dive to Oblivion, 1993
     Attack on the Queen, 1998

Henty, G. A.
     With Cochrane the Dauntless; a tale of the exploits of Lord Cochrane in
       South American waters, 1896
     By England's Aid; or The Freeing of the Netherlaands, 189?
     By Conduct and Courage; a story of Nelson's days, 1904
     Under Drake's Flag; a tale of the Spanish Main, 19??
     The Young Midshipman; a story of the bombardment of Alexandria, 190?

Heyer, Georgette

Higgins, Jack 1929-
     Cold Harbor, 1990 (WW II)

Hodgson, William Hope, 1875-1918.
     Men of the Deep Waters, 1914
     The Luck of the Strong, 1916
     The Calling of the Sea, 1920
     The Ghost Pirates, 1920
     The Voice of the Ocean, 1921
     Out of the Storm: uncollected fantasies, 1975
     The Dream of X

Holder, William
     Troubled voyage.

Homewood, Harry
     A matter of size

Hoover, Thomas

Horowitz, Anthony
     The Adventurer

Horsley, David
     Operation Pedestal
     Torpedoes in the Wake
     The Thirty-Eight Days

Howard, Edward, 1793?-1841
     Jack Ashore, 1840

Hughes, Eden
     The Selkirks

Hungerford, Edward Buell 1900-
     Fighting frigate, 1947
     Emergency run, 1948
     Escape to danger, 1949

Hutcheson, John Conroy
     Picked Up at Sea; or, the Gold Miners of Minturne Creek, 1883
     The Wreck of the Nancy Bell; or, Cast Away on Kerguelen Land, 1884
     Fritz and Eric; or the brother Crusoes, 1885
     On board the "Esmeralda"; or, Martin Leigh's log, 1885
     The Penang Pirate and the Lost Pinnace, two tales, 1885
     Tom Finch's monkey and how he dined with the Admiral, and other yarns, 1885
     The White Squall: a story of the Sargasso Sea, 1886
     Afloat at Last. A sailor boy's log of his life at sea, 1889
     The Black Man's Ghost, 1889
     Bob Strong's Holidays; or, Adrift in the Channel, 1896
     Crown and Anchor; or, Under the Pen'ant, 1896
     The Pirate Junk. A story of the Sooloo Sea, 1896
     Young Tom Bowling: a story of the boys of the British Navy, 1896
     Picked up at Sea, and other stories, 1897

Hutton, Bud
     Port of Call

Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe Wright, 1866-1944
     Captian Kettle, ambassador
     Admiral Teach, 1920
     The marriage of Captain Kettle, 1912
     The trials of Commander McTurk, 1906
     McTodd, 1903
     A master of fortune; being further adventures of Captain Kettle, 1901
     The Derelict, 1901

Innes, Hammond 1913-
     Cruise of Danger, 1952

Jackson, Basil 1920-
     Rage Under the Arctic, 1974

James, John
     Talleyman, 1989

Jameson, Storm, 1897-
     The captain's wife, 1939

Jeans, Surgeon Rear-Admiral Thomas Tendron
     A Naval Venture: The War Story of an Armoured Cruiser
     Gunboat and Gun-runner: A Tale of the Persian gulf
     Ford of H.M.S. Vigilant: A Tale of the Chusan Archipelago

Jenkins, Geoffrey
     Cleft of Stars, 1973

Jewett, Sara Orne 1849-1909
     Deephaven, 1893

Jones, J. Farragut
     WW II submarine adventures:
       Tracking the Wolfpack, 1981
       Pearl Harbor Periscopes, 1981

Jones, Ted
     The Dog Watch

Jordan, Humfrey Robertson, 1885-
     The joyous wayfarer, 1911
     Carmen and Mr. Dryasdust, 1914
     Sea way only, 1937
     Ship by herself, 1938
     Anchor comes back, 1939
     Tide still flowing, 1940
     Decency of hate, 1943
     Day without evening, 1944
     The Islander, 1951
     Overdue--arrived, 1953
     Only a real Jonah, 1954
     No one way, 1955
     No charts for the job, 1956
     Found at sea, 1957
     Finished with engines, 1961

Joseph, Robert F.
     The Buccaneer

Joyce, Heath
     Whip of the Wind

Judd, Denis, 1938-
     Return to Treasure Island, 1978

Kamal, Ahmad, 1914-
     Full fathom five, 1948

Kay, Mary M.
     Shadow of the Moon

Kellogg, Elijah 1813-1901
     Arthur Brown, the Young Captain, 1871
     The Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove, 1871
     The Fisher Boys of Pleasant Cove, 1874
     The Turning of the Tide, 1873
     The Live Oak Boys; or, The Adventures of Richard Constable Afloat and
       Ashore, 1883
     Charlie Bell, 1896

Kingston, W. H. G. 1814-1880
     The Albatross; or, Voices from the Ocean. A Tale of the Sea, 1849
     The Ocean Queen and the Spirit of the Storm. A new Fairy tale of the
       Southern Seas, 1851
     Peter the Whaler; His early life, and adventures in the Arctic Regions
       and other parts of the World, 1851
     The Pirate of the Mediterranean. A Tale of the Sea, etc, 1851
     Salt Water; The Sea Life and adventures of Neil D'Arcy, the Midshipman,
     The Cruise of the "Frolic"; or, Yachting Experiments of Barnaby Brine,
     Jack Buntline; or, Life on the Ocean, 1861
     Ronald Morton; or, The Fire Ships: A story of the Last Naval War, 1862
     The Three Midshipmen, 1862
     Paul Luggershall; or, The Lightship. A tale of the coast, 1865
     Washed Ashore; or, the Tower of Stormount Bay, 1866
     Paul Gerrard, the Cabin Boy, 1867
     The Perils and Adventures of Harry Skipwith by sea and land, etc, 1868
     At the South Pole; or, The Adventures of R. Pengelley, 1870
     Off to Sea; or, The Adventures of Jovial Jack Junker on his road to fame,
       etc, 1870
     The Royal Merchant; or, events in the days of Sir Thomas Gresham, as
       narrated in the diary of E. Verner, whilom his Page and Secretary,
       during the reigns of Queens Mary and Elizabeth, 1870
     Ben Burton; or born and bred at Sea, 1872
     The Fortunes of the "Ranger" and "Crusader." A tale of two ships. 1872
     The History of Little Peter the ship-boy, 1873
     Mary Liddiard; or the Missionary's Daughter. A tale of the Pacific, 1873
     Michael Penguyne; or, Fisher Life on the Cornish Coast, 1873
     The Young Whaler; or the Adventures of Archibald Hughson, 1873
     Alone on an Island, 1874
     Charles Laurel: a story of adventure by sea and land, 1874
     The Three Lieutenants; or, Naval Life in the Nineteenth Century, 1874
     The Two Shipmates, 1874
     The Child of the Wreck; or, the Loss of the Royal George, 1875
     The Three Commanders; or, Active Service Afloat in Modern Days, 1875
     The "Ouzel" Galley: or, Notes from an old sea log, 1876
     Yachting Tales, 1877
     Owen Hartley; or, Ups and Downs. A tale of the land and sea, 1877
     The Voyage of the "Steadfast"; or, the young missionaries in the Pacific,
     The Two Supercargoes, or adventures in Savage Africa, 1877
     The Three Admirals and the Adventures of Their Young Followers, 1877
     Antony Waymouth; or, the Gentlemen Adventurers, a chronicle of the sea,
     The Mate of the "Lily"; or, Notes from Harry Musgrave's log book, 1878
     Kidnapping in the Pacific, or The Adventures of Boas Ringdon, 1878
     The Rival Crusoes, etc., 1878
     A Yacht Voyage Round England, 1879
     The Two Whalers; or, Adventures in the Pacific, 1879
     Dick Cheveley: his Adventures and Misadventures, 1880
     The Boy who sailed with Blake; and The Orphans, 1880
     The Cruise of the "Dainty;" or, Rovings in the Pacific, 1880
     The Golden Grasshopper. A story of the days of Sir Thomas Gresham, 1880
     Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and Baron Stilkin, 1880
     Peter Trawl; or, The Adventures of a Whaler, 1881
     Roger Willoughby; or, the Times of Benbow. A tale of the sea and land,
     The Two Voyages; or, Midnight and Daylight, 1881
     James Braithwaite, the Supercargo: the story of his adventures, 1882
     Won from the Waves, or The Story of Maiden May, 1882
     Paddy Finn; or, The Adventures of a Midshipman Afloat and Ashore, 1883
     Happy Jack, and Other Tales of the Sea, 1889
     Uncle Boz and Other Tales of the Sea, 1889
     My First Cruise; or, Notes From Pringle Rushforth'S Sea Log, ?
     The Boatswain's Song: a tale of the sea, ?
     A Cruise on the Mersey, etc, ?
     The Cruise of the "Mary Rose,", ?
     From Powder Monkey to Admiral, ?

Knight, Frank
     The Golden Monkey
     Voyage to Bengal
     Clippers to China
     The Bluenose Pirate
     He Sailed With Blackbeard
     Captain Anson and the Treasure of Spain
     Mudlarks and Mysteries
     Family on the Tide
     Stories of Famous Ships
     The Young Drake

Koepf, Michael
     Icarus, 1988
     Save the Whale, 1978

La Farge, Oliver
     Long Pennant, 1933

Lane, Carl Daniel 1899-
     River Dragon, 1948
     Treasure Cave, 1950
     Black Tide, 1952

Langley, Bob.
     Falklands Gambit, 1985 (Conquistadores in the UK)

Langsford, A. E., 1959-
     HMS Crusader, 1991

Laskier, Frank 1912-

     Unseen Harbor, 1947
  The Siren Sea, 1953

Lenz, Siegfried 1926-
     The Survivor

Lesterman, John
     The Adventures of a Trafalgar Lad, 1926
     A Pair of Rovers; a tale of the sea, 1928
     The Second Mate of the Myradale, 1929

Lewis, Eiluned.
     The captain's wife, 1944

Lincoln, Joseph Crosby 1870-1944
     Partners of the Tide, 1905
     Cap'n Eri; a story of the coast, 1909
     Cap'n Warren's Wards, 1911
     Kent Knowles, Quahaug, 1914
     The Portygee, 1920
     Fair Harbor, 1922
     Cap'n Dan's Daughter, 1924
     Queer Judson, 1925
     Silas Bradford's Boy, 1928
     Blowing Clear, 1930
     All Alongshore, 1931
     Head Tide, 1932
     Storm Signals, 1935
     Storm Girl, 1937
     The Ownley Inn, 1939
     Rhymes of the Old Cape, 1939
     Out of the Fog, 1940
     The New Hope, 1941

Lloyd, John
     The captain's wife, 1908

Llywelyn, Morgan

Lodwick, John, 1916-
     Stamp me Mortal, 1942?
     Running to Paradise, 1943
     Peal of Ordnance, 1947
     Twenty East of Greenwich, 1947
     Brother Death, 1950
     Equator, 1957

Logan, Mark
     The Captain's Woman (also titled Tricolor)
     December Passion (also titled Brumaire)
     French Kiss (also titled Guillotine)

London, Jack 1876-1916
     To Repel Boarders
     Chris Farrington, Able Seaman

Longstreet, Stephen, 1907-
     Strike the Bell Boldly, 1977

Lovejoy, William H.
     Delta Green, 1993
     Back Slash, 1996

MacDonald, John D. (John Dann) 1916-1986
     The Last One Left, 1967

McDonald, Roger
     Water Man

McCutchan, Philip
     A Lady of the Line, 1992

Macdonnell, J. E. 1917-
     Fleet Destroyer, 1945
     Wings off the Sea, 1953
     Jim Brady Leading Seaman, 1954
     Stand by to Ram, 1957
     Target Unidentified, 1957
     Alarm --- E-Boats!, 1958
     Coffin Island, 1958
     Battle Ensign, 1958
     Frogman!, 1958
     Killer Ship, 1958
     Mutiny, 1958
     Night Encounter, 1958
     Presumed Sunk, 1958
     The Weak Link, 1958
     Big Bill the Bastard, 1959
     Breaking Point, 1959
     Dive! Dive! Dive!, 1959
     The Gunner, 1959
     The Lesson, 1959
     The Secret Weapon, 1959
     Target Battleship, 1959
     Brood of the Eagle, 1960
     The Captain, 1960
     Convoy, 1960
     The Coxswain, 1960
     Find and Destroy, 1960
     The Recommend, 1960
     Subsmash!, 1960
     Battle Fire, 1961
     Clear for Action!, 1961
     Eagles Over Taranto, 1961
     Fleet Destroyer, 1961
     The Ordeal, 1961
     The Rocky, 1961
     Away Boarders!, 1962
     Battle Line, 1962
     Broadsides!, 1962
     The First Lieutenant, 1962
     Flotilla Leader, 1962
     The Gunner, 1962
     The Long Haul, 1962
     Sainsbury V.C., 1962
     U-Boat, 1962
     Abandon and Destroy, 1963
     The Buffer, 1963
     Conflict, 1963
     Decision, 1963
     Fire One!, 1963
     The Gun, 1963
     Not Under Command, 1963
     Repel Boarders, 1963
     Sabotage!, 1964
     Flashpoint, 1965
     The Big Wind, 1964
     Course to Intercept, 1964
     The Pawn, 1964
     Close and Investigate, 1965
     Come Die With Me, 1965
     The Deserter, 1965
     The Duel, 1965
     The Jaws of Hell, 1965
     Under Sealed Orders, 1965
     Whispering Death, 1965
     White Death, 1965
     Foul Ground, 1966
     Hell Ship, 1966
     Loom of Ice, 1966
     Point of Departure, 1966
     Wall of Fire, 1966
     Behemoth, 1967
     Combat Assignment, 1967
     Dit Spinner, 1967
     The Misfit, 1967
     The Snake Boats, 1967
     The Unforgiving Sea, 1967
     Approved to Scrap, 1968
     Attack and Be Damned, 1968
     Decoyed, 1968
     The Hammer of God, 1968
     Headlong into Hell, 1968
     High Command, 1968
     Hunter-Killer, 1968
     Judas Rat, 1968
     Mission Hopeless, 1968
     Petty Officer Brady, 1968
     The Power and the Privilege, 1968
     Rat Island, 1968
     Valiant Mission, 1968
     White Fury, 1968
     And the Heavens Spoke, 1969
     Execute!, 1969
     Operation Jackal, 1969
     To the Death, 1969
     Battle Hymn, 1970
     Fog Blind, 1970
     The Last Stand, 1970
     Not Wanted on Voyage, 1970
     Damn the Torpedoes, 1971
     First Command, 1971
     For Valour, 1971
     North West by North, 1971
     Standing into Danger, 1971
     Torpedo Junction, 1971
     The Worst Enemy, 1971
     Blind into Doom, 1972
     The Brave Men, 1972
     False Colours, 1972
     Point Blank, 1972
     This Ship is Mine, 1972
     The Trap, 1972
     The Verge of Hell, 1972
     Fire Storm, 1973
     The Iron Claw, 1973
     A Council of Captains, 1974
     The Kill, 1974
     Court Martial, 1975
     Collision Course, 1975
     The Dark of the Night, 1975
     The Mistake, 1975
     The Battle for Midway, 1976
     Confirmed in Command, 1976
     The Liberty Men, 1976
     The Shadow, 1977
     Standoff, 1977
     Captain Mettle, V.C., 1979
     Weapon Raid, 1979
     Escort Ship, 1981
     Choke Point, 1985

McFee, William 1881-1966
     Casuals of the Sea, 1916
     Command, 1923
     In the First watch, 1946
     An Ocean Tramp
     Captain Macedoine's Daughter
     Pilgrims of Adversity
     Port Said Miscellany
     A Six Hour Shift
     Sunlight in New Grenada
     Swallowing the Anchor

McGowen, Tom
     The Only Glupmaker in the U. S. Navy, 1966

Macgregor, James Murdoch
     Incident Over the Pacific, 1960

McKiernan, Dennis L. 1932-
     The Dark Tide, 1984
     Voyage of the Fox Rider, 1993

McLeay, Alison
     Passage Home, 1990
     The Wayward Tide, 1990
     After Shanghai, 1996

MacNeil, Robert 1931-
     The Voyage

McNeilly, Mildred
     Matthew Steel

Mawhinney, Thomas A. H.
     The Sword of the House of DeMarillac, 1925
     English Oak and Spanish Gold, 1926
     The Messenger of the Black Prince, 1928

Marmur, Jacland
     Ecola, 1928 (nautical?)
     Wind Driven, 1932 (fiction?)
     Three Went Armed, 1933 (Nautical?, fiction?)
     The Sea and the Shore, 1941 (Fiction?)
     Sea duty, and other Stories of Naval Action, 1944 (WW II?)
     The Edge of Chaos, 1969 (fiction? Nautical?)
     The Kid in Command

Marshall, Edison
     The Isle of Retribution, 1923
     The Death Bell, 1924
     Ocean Gold, 1925
     The Far Call, 1928
     The Fish Hawk, 1929
     Forlorn Island, 1932
     The Splendid Quest, 1934
     Great Smith

Marshall, Rosamund
     Captain Ironhand

Martin, Larry Jay
     Rush to Destiny

Martinek, Frank V. 1895-
     Commander Don Winslow series:
       Don Winslow, USN, in Ceylon With Kwang, 1934
       Don Winslow Face to Face With the Scorpion, 1940
       Don Winslow Breaks the Spy Net, 1941
       Don Winslow Saves the Secret Formula, 1941
       Don Winslow and the Scorpion's Stronghold

Mason, F. Van Wyck
     Captain Judas

Masselink, Ben, 1919-
     Partly Submerged; Stories of the Sea and the Beach
     The Crackerjack Marines
     The Deadliest Weapon

Mather, Berkeley
     The Gold of Malabar, 1967

Mays, Victor 1927-
     Action Starboard, 1956

Metcalfe, William Charles
     Frank Weatherall, or, Life in the Merchant Marine, 1886
     Steady Your Helm! or, Stowed Away, 1892
     Watch and Watch, or "the Decoyed", 1893
     The Boy Skipper [i.e. William Shotton], or "I have only done my duty", 1895
     Nailing the Colours; or, the Light that shines, 1895
     Undaunted. A story of the Solomon Islands, 1895
     On the Face of the Deep; or, The Bird-borne Missive, 1896
     On the Other Tack: a story of the sea, 1897
     All Hands on Deck, 1899
     Billows and Bergs, 1902
     Fetters of Gold, 1902
     The Voyage of the Stormy Petrel, 1905
     Grit and Pluck; or, the Young Commander, 1906
     Frank and Fearless; or, Adventures among Cannibals, 1907
     Ice-Gripped; or, the Tomboy of Boston, 1907
     Pigtails and Pirates: a tale of the sea, 1907
     Blown out to Sea, 1908
     Dick Trawle, Second Mate, 1909
     Ocean Chums, 1910
     Tom Bolt; or, the Mutiny on the "Nemesis", 1910
     The Mystery of the 'Albatross', 1911
     Junk ahoy! A tale of the China seas, 1912
     Young Salts, 1912

Miers, Earl Schenck
     The Magnificent Mutineers, 1968 (A fourteen-year-old lies about his age
       in order to join "Mad" Anthony Wayne, but before the Revolution ends he
       has grown to manhood amid danger and mutiny.) But are the mutineers
       naval or landbound like gen'l Wayne?

Miller, Stanley
     Mr. Christian

Moloney, James
     Swashbuckler, 1995

Moore, Frank Frankfort, 1855-1931
     Daireen, 1880
     The Rescue of Martha, 1913
     The Lady of the Reef, 1915

Mowat, Farley
     The Black Joke,1062

Mundy, Talbot
     Purple Pirate books?

Murphy, Robert
     Without Warning

Nau, Erica
     Angel in the Rigging

Neale, William Johnson, 1812 - 1893
     Cavendish, or the Patrician at Sea, 1831
     The Port Admiral, a Tale of the War, 1833
     Will-Watch: from the Autobiography of a British Officer, 1834
     The Priors of Prague, 1836
     Gentleman Jack, a Naval Story, 1837
     The Naval Surgeon, 1841
     The Captain's Wife, 1842
     The Lost Ship, or the Atlantic Steamer, 1843
     Scapegrace at Sea, or Soldiers Afloat and Sailors Ashore, 1863

Neilson, Eric
     Haakon the Dark series:
       Haakon: Haakon's Iron Hand, 1984
       Haakon: The War God, 1984

Nichols, Peter
     Sea Change

Nicole, Christopher.
     Amyot's Cay, 1964
     Lord of the Golden Fan

Nordhoff, Charles 1887-1947
     The Fledgling, 1919
     The Pearl Lagoon, 1924
     Picaro, 1924
     The Derelict, 1928

Nordhoff, Charles 1887-1947 and Hall, James Norman 1887-1951
     The Dark River, 1938
     Men Without a Country, 1942
     The High Barbaree, 1945

Norton, Andre
     Ralestone Luck, 1938
     The Sword is Drawn, 1944
     Sword in Sheath, 1949

O'Dell, Scott
     Island of the Blue Dolphins

O'Hara, Donn
     The Fair and the Bold

Otis, James 1848-1912
     The Navy Boys: Cruise on the Pickering
     The Navy Boys: In New York Bay

Packard, Winthrop 1862-1943
     The Young Ice Whalers, 1903

Padfield, Peter (Nautical historian who sailed in a replica of the Mayflower
  and wrote about it, and much else)
     The Lions Claw
     The Unquiet Gods
     Gold Chains of Empire

Palliser, Marcus
     Matthew's Prize

Parrish, Randall
     The Last Voyage of the Donna Isabel, 1908

Patchin, Frank Glines, 1861-1925.
     Ted Jones at Desperation Island, 1928
     Ted Jones, Fortune Hunter, or, The Adventures of the Luckless Three in
       Pearl Fishing, 1928
     Ted Jones Under Sealed Orders, 1928
     Ted Jones' Weeks of Terror, 1928

Payne, Elisabeth Stancy
     Fathoms Deep, 1923

Peake, Mervyn
     Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor

Pease, Howard 1894-
     Hurricane weather (1936)
     Foghorns; a story of the San Francisco water front (1937)
     Captain Binnacle (1938)
     The black tanker (1941)
     Bound for Singapore (1948)

Perrault, Ernest G.
     The kingdom carver, 1968
     Spoil! 1975

Phillips, Leon
     Rogue Lover

Porteous, R.S. ("Standby")
     Little Known of these Waters, 1945
     Close to the Wind and other stories, 1955
     Tambai Island 1955 (Children's book.)
     The Tambai Treasure, 1958
     The Silent Isles, 1963

Pournelle, Jerry 1933-
       Red Heroin
       Red Dragon

Preedy, George
     Man O'War

Price, John-Allen.
     Extinction Cruise, 1987

Quirk, John
     The Hard Winners, 1965

Raine, Norman Reilly 1895-
     Captain Kidd, 1945 (Fiction?)

Ratigan, William
     Straits of Mackinac! ?
     The long crossing, 1959

Reid, Christian, 1846-1920 (Pseud.)
      Ebb-tide, and Other Stories, 1872

Richards, Alun, 1929-
     Barque Whisper, 1979

Riesenberg, Felix, 1879-1939
     The crimson anchor, a sea mystery
     Endless river, 1931
     The maiden voyage, 1931
     Vignettes of the sea, 1926
     Bob Graham at sea, 1925
     The left-handed passenger 1935

Riley, Sandra
     Bloody Bay

Ritchie, C.T.
     The Willing Maid

Roark, Garland (George Garland) 1904-
     The Wreck of the Running Gale, 1953
     Captain Thomas Fenlon, Master Mariner, 1958
     Should the Wind Be Fair, 1960
     The Witch of Manga Reva, 1962
     The Coin of Contraband, 1964
     Hellfire Jackson, 1966
     Bay of Traitors, 1966

Robertson, Morgan, 1861-1915
     A tale of a halo, 1894
     Shipmates, 1901
     Sinful Peck; a novel, 1903
     Masters of men; a romance of the new navy, 1914

Robertson, Terence
     Full speed to heaven, 1960

Rock, Phillip, 1927-
     Flickers, 1977
     The passing bells, 1978

Ross, Dana Fuller

Ruhen, Olaf  1911-
     Treachery's Wake

Russell, William Clark 1844-1911
     John Holdsworth, Chief Mate, 1875
     The Death Ship: a strange story, 1888 (Flying Dutchman)
     Round the Galley Fire, 1893
     Ocean Free Lance, 1896
     What Cheer? : the sad story of a wicked sailor, 1896?
     Tales of Our Coast, 1901
     The Captain'S Wife, 1903
     The Frozen Pirate

Sabatini, Rafael 1875-1950
     Columbus, 1942

Sadler, Samuel Whitchurch
     The African Cruiser. A Midshipman's Adventures on the West Coast, 1873
     Adventures of Marshall Vavasour, Midshipman, 1873
     The Slave-Dealer of the Coanza. A naval story, 1874
     Perilous Seas and how Oriana sailed them, a naval romance, 1875
     The Last Cruise of the Ariadne and what befell her passenger, 1876
     The Flag Lieutenant: a story of the Slave Squadron, 1877
     The Good Ship Barbara, a story of two brothers, 1882
     Pirate's Creek. A story of treasure quest, 1883
     The Adventurous Voyage of the "Polly," and other yarns, 1886
     The Ship of Ice

Schechter, Ruth Lisa.
     Offshore, 1972

Scott, Justin.
     Treasure Island : a novel, 1994

Schoonover, Lawrence

Scotland, Jay
     Strike the Black Flag

Shaw, Adam
     Buccaneer's Revenge
     Isle of Delight
     Shipwrecked in Paradise

Shay, Frank
     Pirate Wench

Shirreffs, Gordon D.
     The Gray Sea Raiders, 1961 (Civil War adventure for young readers.)
     The Mosquito Fleet, 1961 (The siege of Vicksburg, for young readers.)
     Powder Boy of the Monitor, 1961 (Civil War adventure for young readers.)
     The Cold Seas Beyond, 1963 (WW II)
     The hostile beaches, 1964
     The Enemy Seas, 1965

Silver, Richard
     By Pirates' Blood, 1975
     Jaws of Death

Smith, Arthur Douglas Howden, 1887-
     The audacious adventures of Miles McConaughy; an epic of the merchant
       marine, 1918
     Beyond the sunset, 1923
     The treasure of the Bucoleon, 1923
     The dead go overside, 1938

Smith, Peter
     Rendezvous Skeri Bank, 1983

Smith, Wilbur
     The Diamond Hunters, 1991

Sperry, Armstrong
     Black Falcon
     One Day with Manu
     One Day with Jambi
     One Day with Tuktu

Stables, Gordon, 1840-1910
     In ships of steel. A tale of the navy of to-day, 1901
     A Fight for Freedom
     All Sail Set
     Little Eagle
     On War's Red Tide
     Remember the Maine; a story of the Spanish-American war
     Storm Canvas

Stacpoole, H. de Vere
     The Crimson Azaleas: A Novel, 1907
     Bird Cay, 1913
     Satan: A Story of the Bahamas, 1921
     The City in the Sea, 1925
     The Girl of the Golden Reef: A Romance of the Blue Lagoon, 1929
     The Chank Shell: A Tropical Romance of Love and Treasure, 1930
     Pacific Gold, 1931
     The Longshore Girl: A Romance, 1935
     Ginger Adams, 1937
     High-Yaller, 1938
     Due East of Friday, 1939

Steward, Davenport
     No time for fear, 1950
     Rainbow road, 1953
     Sail the dark tide, 1954
     Caribbean cavalier, 1957
     The battle-ax of God, 1958
     Black spice, 1959

Stockton, Frank Richard 1834-1902
     The Floating Prince, 1885
     The Casting Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine, 198?
     The Dusantes, 1888
     A Chosen Few, 1895
     Mrs. Cliff's Yacht, 1896
     Captain Chap; or, The Rolling Stones, 1897
     The Captain's Toll-Gate, 1900
     Kate Bonnet; the Romance of a Pirate's Daughter, 1902
     Afield and Afloat, 1903

Styles, Showell 1908-
     Mr. Fitton series:
       Lt. Fitton
       Mr. Fitton and the black legion
       Mr. Fitton at the Helm
       Mr. Fitton in command
       Mutiny in the Caribbean
     Septimus Quinn series:
       Midshipman Quinn, 1957
       Quinn of the FURY, 1961
       Midshipman Quinn and Denise the Spy, 1961
       Quinn at Trafalgar, 1965
     The 12-gun cutter
     The Baltic Convoy
     Centurion Comes Home
     H.M.S. Cracker
     Gun-Brig Captain
     The Independent Cruise
     A Kiss for Captain Hardy
     The Lee Shore
     The Quarterdeck Ladder, 1989
     Seven Gun Broadside
     A ship for Mr Fitton
     Stella and the Fireships

Sue, Eugene 1804-1857 (a naval surgeon before turning to writing)

Sutcliffe, Rosemary

Taylor, J.E.
     By Force of Arms

Taylor, W. F.
     Shirwah the Corsair

Thompson, E. V. (Ernest Victor), 1931-
     Chase the wind

Thompson, Thomas, 1880-
     The "Flying Spray", 1943

Thorndyke, Arthur Russell 1885-
     Doctor Syn series:
       Doctor Syn, 1915
       Dr. Syn Returns, 1935
       The Scarecrow Rides, 1935
       Further Adventures of Dr. Syn, 1936
       Dr.Syn on the High Seas, 1936
       Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn
       Courageous Exploits of Dr. Syn
       Shadow of Doctor Syn
       Christopher Syn, 1960 (With Buck, William Ray, 1930-)

Thorne, Anthony
     Delay in the Sun, 1934
     The Man Who Fought the Monkey, 1951
     Young Man on a Dolphin, 1952

Tillman, Barrett

Tracy, Don
     Chesapeake Cavalier
     Crimson is the Eastern Shore
     Roanoke Renegade

Tralins, Robert
     Black Pirate

Treece, Henry 1911-1966
     The Dark Island, 1952
     The Great Captains, 1956
     Jason, 1961
     Viking's Sunset, 1961
     Horned Helmet, 1963
     The Last of the Vikings, 1964
     The Last Viking, 1966
     Westward to Vinland
     Vinland the Good

Trevor, Elleston
     The big pick-up; a novel of Dunkirk, 1955
     The Pasang Run, 1961 (The Burning Shore)
     The freebooters, 1967

Trew, Antony
     The Sea Break
     Smoke Island
     Towards the Tamarind Trees

Tute, Warren
     The Felthams
     Gentlemen in Pink Uniform
     Girl in the Limelight
     The Golden Greek
     Lady in Thin Armour
     The Younger Felthams

Verne, Jules 1828-1905
     The Blockade Runners
     Propeller Island

Verril, Alpheus Hyatt 1871-
     The Boys' Book of Whalers, 1922

Wall, Robert
     The Acadians

Walton, Evangeline
     The Cross and the Sword

Waters, Kennith
     Sea Officer, 1996

Weale, Anne
     Lost Lagoon

Westcott, Jan
     Captain for Elizabeth

Westerman, Percy F. 1876-
     Mystery Island, 1927

Whipple, A. B. C.
     The Mysterious Voyage of Captain Kidd

White, James Dillon
     Roger Kelso series:
       Young Mister Kelso
       Kelso of the Paragon
       The Princess of Persia

White, Leslie 1903-
     The Pirate and the Lady

White, Robb 1909-
     The Smuggler's Sloop, 1947
     Sail Away, 1948
     Midshipman Lee
     Midshipman Lee of the Navy Academy
     Sailor in the Sun
     Run Masked
     Deep Danger

White, Stanley, 1913-
     The Maggie, 1954

Wibberly, Leonard
     Treegate Family series:
       John Treegate's Musket
       Peter Treegate's War
       Treegate's Raiders
     Journey to Untor

Willans, Geoffrey.
     Shallow dive, 1934

Williams, Ben Avery 1889-
     Thread of Scarlet, 1939

Willoughby, Lee David

Wilson, Hazel (Hutchins)
     The red dory, 1959

Wilson, Sloan 1920- (author of The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit)
     Janus Island, 1967
     The Greatest Crime, 1980

Wingate, John 1920-
     Full fathom five: a Submariner Sinclair story, 1967
     Below the Horizon, 1975
     The windship race, 1987
     The Sea above Them

Winton, John
     Freedom's Battle
     The Forgotten Fleet
     The Little Wonder

Wood, James
     The Sealer, 1959
     Tipple in the Deep, 1962
     Beer for Christmas, 1964
     Fire Rock, 1965
     Rare Summer, 1965
     Be Thou Judge, 1966
     Voyage to Nowhere, 1968
     Friday Run

Woodman, Richard 1944-
     Waterfront, 1995 (takes place in 1904)

Wylie, Philip 1902-1971
     Heavy Laden, 1928
     The Spy Who Spoke Porpoise, 1969

Wynd, Oswald, 1913-
     The gentle pirate, 1951
     You want to die, Johnny? 1966
     The hawser pirates

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