Dimensioned Drawings
Off the Shelf Sails
In DXF Format
Showing Center of Effort

An economical way for amateur boatbuilders and designers to provide sails for their creations is to buy used production boat sails, or a Sailrite kit. The drawings here give the dimensions of many small sails with the Center of Effort shown, to aid placing the sail on a boat properly. I have ignored roach in the drawings for the sake of simplicity, it makes very little difference in the COE.
Mertens D4 Dinghy Spritsail 33 ft2
Optimist Spritsail 36 ft2
Bolger Tortoise Lateen 38 ft2
El Toro 38 ft2
Sabot 38 ft2
Bolger Nymph Leg o' Mutton 40 ft2
Snark Lateen 45 ft2
Bolger Instant Boat Leg o' Mutton 59 ft2
Bolger Cartopper Spritsail 61 ft2
Laser 74 ft2
Snark Mark II Lateen 74 ft2
Mayflower Lateen 82 ft2
Sunfish Lateen 85 ft2
If you know the dimensions for any other common small boat sails, I'd appreciate it if you sent them to me. Thanks!

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